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Scott Street

The Scott Street project had a clear project brief in mind: use every inch available! This ambitious internal renovation included the installation of a brand new kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, and ensuite. The project's focal point was feature wall cladding to add a modern design touch and continuity to the spaces.

Notably, the Onyx backlit stone is a unique and special feature element that lends a bespoke and artisan touch to the home. This innovative element was applied to specific areas, including above the bath, requiring specially crafted structural framework to support the feature.  

A concealed pivot door to the laundry is a functional and innovative use of space, while the island bench's slimline design lent it a floating appearance, contributing to the overall sense of spaciousness.

To maximise ceiling heights, we rerouted pipeworks and services around coffered ceilings and bulkheads. This increased the perception of space while creating an opportunity to highlight design elements into the ceiling.

The retiling of the external balcony and the installation of a Vergola system further enhanced the property's functionality and overall high-end look.

The renovation was not without some challenges. One notable hurdle was the need for multiple crane lifts between 1am and 5am to deliver materials to the site, which we were able to complete without complaint. This process required meticulous planning, including the use of CCTV to ensure the safety of underground pipes. Additionally, permits were secured to temporarily close the tram line and occupy parts of the road for material delivery. 

The project successfully obtained the necessary Development Application (DA) and Complying Development Certificate (CDC) approvals. Overcoming site access and parking limitations, the construction team successfully organised the timely delivery of materials, keeping the comfort of the residents and hotel guests a priority.

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