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About Us

Buildingwise are experts in building. From design and construct to ongoing quality maintenance, there isn’t a part of the process that we don’t excel at.

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Meet Archie

Archie has building in his blood. Growing up with the family building business, it was a clear path for his life’s passion. Entering into the industry on his own two feet as a young apprentice carpenter in 2006, Archie has excelled at the trade ever since, growing his skills and knowledge along the way. 

A move into a Construction Supervising position, undertaking several projects across Newcastle and surrounding areas, planted the seed that there was a need for a luxury building service that could facilitate a beginning to end (and beyond) approach to projects in both commercial and residential spaces. People were wanting an end product that didn’t just meet the functionality requirements and safety standards, but also delivered a beautiful environment to thrive in. 

In 2015, this idea came to life with the official opening of Buildingwise Construction Pty Ltd, with Archie as the Director and Builder in charge, roles he proudly retains today. Since its inception, the team has grown to include highly skilled in-house professionals, as well as local sub-contractors specialising in residential and commercial renovations and extensions/alterations, new architectural homes and architectural renovations, as well as commercial complexes and heritage restorations. 

Archie is passionate about his work, aspiring to continue to grow the company and provide high quality workmanship to his valued clientele.

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Quality first

Our quality guarantee and solutions-based approach mean we adapt to challenges, bring solutions to fruition, and deliver a successful build.

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Strong foundations

Archie’s exceptional attention to detail is a legacy that comes from being embedded in the construction and building industry his whole life. 

This has formed a foundation of traditional work and building ethics, passed on from his builder dad, and innovative methods that make the building processes more efficient and effective.

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Our Approach

Every successful outcome has come from a process that doesn’t skip the small stuff. We pride ourselves on going over every element to ensure a positive experience for all involved.

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We work with clients. Collaboration is key to a successful project outcome. We sit with you to find out exactly what you want and get on the same page.


Establish what you need. We want to know what you and your project needs from beginning to end to produce a space you love and are proud of.


Establish what we need to deliver it. We then look inward to ensure that we are fully equipped to undertake the job successfully.


Ensure we have a practical scope of design. We work with the architect, engineer and any other consultant required to ensure that the design is in line with current building code, and practical capabilities.


Budget. We work with you to ensure that we work within your budget, and remain transparent on this front throughout the whole project.


Successful outcome. This is the big goal, complete! You are handed the keys to a brand new space you will love.

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At Buildingwise, our approach is at the core of everything we do. It has been carefully crafted with the decades of experience we have in working with, and understanding, client needs through every step of the building process. We have integrated our values and dedication to second-to-none customer service and satisfaction into what we do, and how we do it. 

We team up with our clients and make sure we work together closely to make the project successful. We talk with you to understand exactly what you want, figure out what your project needs are from start to finish, and make sure we're ready to do the job right. We also make sure the design meets the building rules and can actually be built. We'll stick to your budget and keep you informed all the way. 

Our ultimate aim is to give you a space you'll be thrilled with when we're done, delivered to the highest standard. 

ISO Accreditation

With that, we worked incredibly hard to ensure maximum confidence in the market by earning the Internal Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditation. This is a highly regulated industry accreditation that demonstrates the quality and capabilities of building and construction businesses. ISO is the largest international standards organisation in the world, showcasing transparent accountability and quality for all who qualify.

Buildingwise are officially certified for three key areas:


Achieving ISO 45001 accreditation for Occupational Health and Safety offers numerous advantages for Buildingwise and clients. It prioritises the well-being of employees, keeping our already low workplace accidents and illnesses even lower, which not only safeguards our team and contractors but also anyone visiting the site. ISO 45001 solidifies our commitment to a safe and healthy work environment, maintaining our reputation for retaining a happy, healthy and motivated team to continue to work on and complete your builds to the highest levels. ISO 45001 fosters a culture of continuous improvement in workplace safety, providing a structured framework to identify and mitigate risks, leading to a more secure and productive workplace.

Gaining ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems offers several significant benefits for our clients. It helps improve overall efficiency and consistency in processes, leading to higher product and service quality. This accreditation supports and validates your confidence in us by demonstrating our commitment to meeting your requirements. It also provides a framework for continuous improvement, ensuring adaptability and competitiveness that gives you peace of mind. We are always at the forefront of best practices and overall quality outcomes in the market. 

Obtaining ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management brings several advantages. It helps reduce the environmental impact of our operations by fostering more sustainable practices and waste reduction. ISO 14001 demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing our reputation and potential for attracting environmentally-conscious customers and partners. It also aids in regulatory compliance, ensuring that we are in line with environmental laws and regulations. Moreover, ISO 14001 backs our culture of continual environmental improvement, making it easier to adapt to changing environmental expectations and minimise risks, while ultimately contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.