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Pokolbin stages 1-3

Pokolbin stages 1 & 2

Buildingwise Constructions project of stages 1 and 2 in McDonalds Road, Pokolbin consisted of refurbishment works and alterations/additions to an existing vineyard. 

The commercial construction works included: 

  • restoration to the cellar door, 
  • restoration and refurbishment of the function room, 
  • construction of new doors to the restaurant, 
  • re-construction of the courtyard with installation of operable roofs, 
  • demolition of existing toilets and offices and construction of new toilets and construction and fit out of two new retail spaces,
  • construction of a new ironbark hardwood deck and works to the dam on the property. 

Stripping back the paint to expose the convict bricks in the cellar door (after restoration works to the cellar door above). Constructing hardwood barn style doors to look like they were constructed in the period of the building. 

The operable roofs were installed to make a very large space and all weather area with an open air feel – imagine dancing under the stairs. 

Pokolbin stage 3 

Stage 3 involved extended construction of the hardwood decking area that was completed in stage 2 of our project together with construction of a roof to the deck, construction of new male, female and disabled toilets to the deck area, alterations and additions to the existing restaurant and kitchen, and construction of a new terrace to the first floor function area. 

We designed and constructed to replicate the age of the building, sourcing the materials, had them cut by the local sawmill and had them aged in a paddock for 12 months prior to construction. 

The kitchen to make it a functional space to cater for large volumes of people, and the bathrooms were constructed with all circular walls to create a look of them to be old rainwater tanks to sit within the guidelines of the heritage requirements.

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EJE Architecture


EJE Architecture


Ryan James Kenny

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