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The 1908 heritage status townhouse at Parnell Place, required expertise, quality construction materials and highly professional workmanship. After years of neglect, we were able to bring it to life with multiple innovative design concepts to bring it up to Australian Standards while retaining its heritage feel. 

The project commenced in July 2021 with the brick repointing and façade restoration including replacement of rotten structural timber beams at the front of the house. To maintain the authenticity and sustainability of the restoration, timber was sourced from a recycled timber supplier. 

A lot of materials were refurbished to keep with the heritage listing regulations, such as reusing all skirting boards, architraves, timber sash windows and polishing the existing floorboards. We spent five months replacing deteriorated mortar in each brick, while maintaining and using the original bricks.

Additionally, the windows were replaced, with each window requiring approximately 50 hours of work. However, due to heritage restrictions, knocking out walls from above the picture rail was not allowed. Therefore, adjustments had to be made within these limitations.

The building's existing stucco render was repaired and recoated, which not only enhanced its appearance but also provided structural support, holding the bricks together.

As the property fell within a heritage conservation zone, strict adherence to a set of rules was required from everyone involved in the restoration process. The extensive experience and expertise gained from undertaking similar projects played a vital role in successfully completing this restoration.

Internally a full redesign and modernisation of the floorplan by opening up the second level to have a seamless flow throughout. Some highlights from the internal renovations include the restoration of period features including the staircase, leadlight doors & windows, fireplace and ornate plaster ceilings. While retaining these period features and combining them with more modern features in the kitchen and bathroom, the project successfully showcases how the old and new can be used to complement the other. 

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Newcastle East


Manakin Design


Contemporary Heritage


Murray Mckean

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