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Hillcrest Parade

Our Hillcrest Parade project was a knock down rebuild that saw us transform a sloped block in Highfields, into a residential marvel.

As you enter through the large entry pivot door, the entry leads to an enormous window overlooking the concrete pool in the southern portion of the yard, secluded by the Eastern and Western wings of the home. This project has been architecturally designed to encompass privacy and luxury throughout.

A standout feature of this dwelling is the polished concrete suspended slab—a striking architectural element that extended seamlessly from the internal spaces to the external areas. This aspect not only added to the visual appeal of the structure but also required meticulous planning and precise execution to ensure structural integrity and longevity.

An added challenge to the project was the use of pre-finished Australian materials. From the use of exposed blocks, off-form concrete ceilings in the garage and lower levels of the space, to the Lysaght LONGLINE and Cemintel Territory Woodlands Cladding for the exterior, maintaining the pre-finished products without getting damaged added a complexity to the build.

 Despite the inherent complexities and challenges, our team embraced the project with passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Through proactive project management and innovative solutions, we were able to surpass expectations and deliver a truly exceptional result two months ahead of schedule.

The successful completion of the Hillcrest Parade project reaffirms Buildingwise's reputation as a leader in delivering the highest quality residential solutions, marked by innovation, craftsmanship, and our commitment to client satisfaction. We couldn’t have been happier with the results of this project, leaving ourselves and our clients exceptionally pleased with this build. 

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Space Design Architecture


Murray Mckean

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