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Christo Road

Buildingwise Constructions Commercial Building Project in Christo Road, Georgetown consisted of a full demolition of an existing residential property and construction of a new two storey commercial/industrial building with an underground water tank, ground floor for storage, second floor for associated offices, landscaping and fencing. 

The building’s contemporary black and white design with timber features was a design that spoke to the client’s hopes for a fresh and new aesthetic that also had an edge. 

San Selmo Reclaimed Bricks were used as a feature on the front reception area, as well as throughout the building. 

Rendered first floor and Scyon Matrix cladding on the second floor contributed to the high end innovative design the client was aiming for. 

We used reclaimed old bridge timber and railway sleepers to construct the reception and boardroom tables to ensure that every last detail tied into the design of the building. 

Glazing was chosen in lieu of walls in some areas to leave the space feeling light and spacious, allowing a community environment for staff and visitors. 

The Buildingwise team also created custom cabinetry and furniture throughout.

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Georgetown, Newcastle


Buildingwise Construction




Ryan James Kenny

outside shot of the new buildingwise office space
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