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Is there one business that can manage everything for my commercial build?



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18 Sep 2022

When you’re undergoing a commercial fit out or new build, there are multiple factors to consider. In fact, we recently wrote about how to find the right commercial space for you, as that in itself is a whole process. When you see the list of questions to be answered, jobs to tick off and level of organisation required, it can (understandably) feel extremely overwhelming. So, we get asked a lot, “Is there one business that can manage it all for me?”. The answer is yes, because that’s exactly what we can do for you. This not only helps you lower your stress levels, it also ensures it is project managed correctly and ticking along with as little disruption as possible. Here are the main areas we manage for you…


Without an architect, you don’t have a design. Without a design, you don’t have an achievable or functional fit-out or build. Architects are a vital part of the project process, and it’s important to get the right fit for your vision and needs. With our years of experience in the industry, we have formulated strong relationships with the best in the business, and have developed a thorough knowledge of their strengths and interests. With that, we are able to connect you with the right architect and help you save time and money doing the leg work on your own. 


We work closely with consultants and trades throughout the entire commercial project to ensure everything is running smoothly, and communication remains clear and consistent. Aside from helping to source the right consultants for your specific needs, we also streamline all points of contact, identifying and forecasting potential hurdles in order to prevent them or come up with suitable solutions ahead of time. Although not exhaustive, the most common consultants we help you work with are:

  • Designers

  • Trades

  • Manufacturers

  • Regulating bodies (council approvals etc.)


Yep, we even help with the fun stuff at the end. By the time this part of the project comes into play, we have embedded ourselves into your vision and can see which pieces will suit what areas. This can include custom items, built-in options and locally or handcrafted pieces. We can take the designer’s concept and utilise our strong local connections to ensure that your space is furnished in a way that respects the overall aesthetic, as well as serving a practical and functional purpose. 

Aside from getting you the lease or the sale of your space, Buildingwise can walk you through the entire process from beginning to end, and beyond (if you want to expand or evolve your space down the track). Our aim is to ensure the highest quality finish, and the way we get there is to keep the process on track, aligning with your vision, and a truly positive experience and outcome for you and your team. 

If you have any questions about embarking on a new commercial space, call our friendly team today.