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What to look for in a custom home builder?



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07 Mar 2022

When you’re building your home (or your work space) the priority we hear the most from clients is that they want quality, workmanship and, always, a place that is ‘them’. Whether that be representing a family’s style and lifestyle, the build is an extension of who they are and they want it to do them justice. So, they come to a custom home builder to ensure the unique aspect of who they are is taken care of. It takes a lot of trust to put who you are in the literal hands of someone else, so when looking for a custom builder, there are a few things you want to look out for to ensure you have the right one for your home.

View their previous work

One of the best ways to gauge the overall quality (to an extent) and aesthetic (most certainly) is to have a look at the work they’ve done in the past. If they have a good website, you should be able to find projects there (you can see our custom home build projects here). Otherwise, social media (both on their own accounts, and the posts they’ve been tagged in) can be a great resource for researching a custom builder’s work. Review sites can be helpful, and word of mouth in your community is a strong marker for the type of work they do. The opportunity to actually walk through a residential home for reference tends to be a lot lower, but if it arises, we strongly recommend that too.  

Good reputation

As mentioned earlier, word of mouth is extremely important for businesses. The reason being, there is little to no control over the reputation you gain except in the level of work you produce. If a custom home builder wants positive word of mouth through their community, the only way to do that is to have consistently happy clients. Consistently happy clients come from consistently exceptional work. See what people are saying about them online, in your area and even in the industry. This can be found through reviews, and invariably if you begin talking more about your intention to seek a custom home builder in your social interactions, you’ll find people are always willing to talk about the good, bad and ugly of their own experiences. 

Their partnerships

See who else they work with, get their materials from and outsource (where applicable). Research these companies as much as you research the builder themselves. Not only will the high standard of these affiliate businesses indicate a certain level of quality assurance, it will also demonstrate high standing in the industry. No business wants to be tied to shoddy work, even if it’s not their business specifically. Who they work with is incredibly important and will say a lot about the builder.